CHEF SHACHI MEHRA has a passion for creating innovative and thoughtful menus that tastefully balance a variety of flavors and make cuisines appealing to a range of tastes. An ardent supporter of local farmers and sustainable practices, she takes great care in sourcing her ingredients. Born in India, her early family experiences helped to develop and shape her love of food and appreciation for balance, in flavors and in life. Chef Shachi blends Western and Indian cultures to create artful dishes that successfully marry tradition with modernity.

Her professional journey began after meeting Chef Bruce Johnson, hailed by the New York Times as a premier chef. He extended an invitation for her to spend a day prepping in his kitchen at Trap Rock Brewery in New Jersey. It was her first encounter with a professional kitchen and after only a few hours, she knew she had found her life’s passion. She was offered a job on the spot, and she went on to work in pastry and garde manger for the next year. She went on to meet Chef Floyd Cardoz of Manhattan’s legendary Tabla and Bread Bar, where she was given the opportunity at the restaurant’s garde manger station. Ultimately, she was appointed to Head Cook at Bread Bar, which had a popular open kitchen. Being “on stage” for clientele was a fantastic learning experience, as she had to manage the kitchen and supervise the line cooks, while simultaneously interacting with guests

Chef Shachi has become known for bringing a unique global perspective to her work, which can be attributed to eight-month culinary journey through India, Japan and Australia. Upon her return, she went on to sharpen her skills in some of the most demanding kitchens in this country. She served as Sous Chef at the award-winning Bombay Club in Washington, D.C.; opening Sous Chef at Bocanova, a successful Pan American restaurant in Jack London Square in Oakland, CA; and Executive Sous Chef at Junnoon, a modern Indian restaurant in Palo Alto, where Chef Shachi was named one of five 'Rising Stars' by Gentry Magazine. Prior to opening ADYA, Chef Shachi received great press and acclaim as the opening chef at Tamarind of London in Newport Coast.

CHEF SANDEEP BASRUR has become known for his signature cooking style of marrying the old with the new. His focus on traditional, authentic Indian cooking techiques complemented by his addition of modern practices and tapping into current trends. Chef Sandeep has always believed that Indian food can be light and healthy and has developed a flair for bringing an innovative and fresh approach to Indian Cuisine. At ADYA, he has successfully merged traditional Indian cooking with a touch of modernity by using local and seasonal ingredients without compromising on flavors.

A graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai, India, Chef Sandeep began his culinary career with the acclaimed Taj Group. Driven to seek international exposure, Chef Sandeep went on to earn another Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. There, he graduated with Honors and received many academic awards, including Banfi Scholastic’s Wine & Gastronomy Award.

Prior to becoming a Partner at ADYA in Orange County, Chef Sandeep left a strong mark in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a Corporate Executive chef of Amber India Restaurant group, he has been instrumental in the launch of all Amber India properties in Northern California. Ranked as the finest Indian restaurants in the Bay Area, Amber India restaurants’ menus have received critical acclaim and have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. Currently, he continues to provide his expertise as a Chef Consultant to Indian restaurants in the Bay Area.

In addition to his experience in the restaurant, Chef Sandeep has created customized menus to cater to many top dignitaries, including the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during a visit to California.